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Quality Assurance Standards

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#1   Posted: 18 Jan 2008 10:21

Good Afternoon! I am revising our QA standards and I wanted some input on how other call centers score their new hires. How often? Who does it, Training or QA? For how long, the first 30 days? I will only be evaluating the calls, but not doing the feedback sessions. Is there anyone who supervisors provide the feedback sessions? If so, do the supervisors review the scores with the rep or is it done at the reps discretion? Please let me know. Thank you!

#2   Posted: 18 Jan 2008 15:45

Hello Chaunda,

As far as QA is concerned it is better to leave it to the QA team. Depending upon the size of your team, I guess each of your new hires can have 3 - 5 calls audited (per week), to start with. Then maybe after they complete atleast 03 months, you could settle down to auditing atleast 03 calls in a week for each individual team member.

The results of the audit should be marked to the Team Lead and the Team Manager/Supervisor. The initial feedback should be given by the person conducting the audit himself. And if there is need for concern / improvement the second level of feedback should be given by the Team Lead.

The third and final round of feedback should be done by the Manager/Supervisor which would be only in exceptionally good or exceptionally bad cases. It would be more of a R & R (Rewards and Recognition) session for the really good feedback from the manager and for the really bad ones, it would be more of a CAP (Corrective Action Plan) issue. People on CAP are usually monitored more closely - the number of audits increased and more mentoring is done. This usually would last for about 03 - 04 weeks and then the individual is evaluated again and appropriate action is taken.

Thanks !


#3   Posted: 22 Jan 2008 09:15

Thank you for quick response! I am the QA team/ is all me! We currently have QA in place, but we have just gotten new technology and we are trying to improve the quality of customer service in the call center. I definitely like the idea of 3-5 per week.. Thank you again..Any other information that you would like to share is welcomed!

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