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Management job opportunities

Author scrappy633
#1 | Posted: 20 Apr 2006 10:54 
I am the manager of Executive Customer Relations for a large company in the hospitality industy. (trying to be descrete) :-)

I thought for sure on a site like this there would be some good contacts or networking for higher level customer service jobs. Monster, Careerbuilders ect. have mostly CSR, hourly positions.

Looking for the next step in Customer Service!!!!!

Author jasonj
#2 | Posted: 20 Apr 2006 12:15 
Hi Scrappy,

As a fellow CSM, I know the value of contacts! If you are looking for a new role over 35k, I would suggest you firstly pick up a copy of Executive Grapevine directory, this is the national directory of headhunters and senior agencies.

Secondly, a free download search engine called COPERNIC will give you access to sites and agencies who deal with customer service roles.

Next I would suggest you contact executive agencies who advertise other roles within yor industry (IT etc) (not high street agencies) and approach them with a view to asking if they have any clients in your industry who might use your skills. I have found that it's often the obscure agencies in the middle of nowhere (!) who have relationship built with the right person.

You will need to take a careful look at your cv and make sure no one mailshots it. I always ask if they are handling anything at the moment.

the main job sites are helpful but can attract mass numbers of cv's and if you want an introduction to an employer I always find that talking to a consultant, encouraging them to understand your wants and needs plus benefits of their client interviewing you is a plus.

One final piece of advice would be to determine the salary you need and realistically can justify. I calculate this in terms of the role, requirements and challenge, type of company and risk of joining them plus the all important location. For example, if your new role means a further 50 miles per day commuting, you will need to cover those costs. Also, if it means relocation, who will pay for this and will the new role mean higher expenses (mortgage etc).

I wish you every success.


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 Management job opportunities

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