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Is it worth it to hire a small business answering service?

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#1   Posted: 18 Jul 2013 07:27

In order for a small business to survive and thrive in today's economy, it needs to make wise choices when it comes to how they spend their money. At the same time, they need to increase quality. One major area where small businesses can look to put on a great face for their customers, while cutting costs, is through the use of a call center for small business.

Chances are, a small business is going to be one of the most likely of businesses to find a need for an outsourced answering service. Oftentimes, the owner and employees of a small business are already working more hours than they'd like to be and don't have the additional time available in their schedules to work even more hours to take phone calls. Likewise, many owners need to be available to be out and about to meet with clients, customers, or are looking for ways to drum up more business or clients and can't just sit around hand-cuffed to the phone, waiting for calls to come in. Yes, they could hire a full-time receptionist, but the cost of their salary plus benefits could outweigh the benefits.

So, how does a call center for small business assist small businesses, while keeping their costs low, and giving them everything they could get from a receptionist? The simple answer is that answering service firms only charge your small business per minute they are on the phone on your behalf. Think about that for a minute. Your business is receiving highly-trained telephone customer service, all while only paying for the time that reps are speaking with your customers. Now, take that cost and play it against how much it would cost your business to employ a full-time receptionist. Yes, your receptionist would also be there to answer calls and questions, but what are they doing while they aren't on the phone? Sitting around idly, waiting for the next call to come in. Doesn't make much sense for a small business to be spending their money this way, does it?

Utilizing a call center for small business is clearly the most cost-effective way for a small business to give their customers the attention they need, as well as keeping costs low for the business. After all, a small business with no money really isn't much of a business anymore, is it?

Bio: Nick B. is a freelance writer interested in how a call center for small business can grow and retain a company's customer base, as well as help outsource administrative and other daily tasks.

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