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Incentive plans for CSR

Author deanpanderson
#1 | Posted: 7 Nov 2006 12:21 
Does anyone have any suggestions for creating and implementing a good bonus or incentive plan for CSRs? Since I have been manager of CS, I have used certain measuring tools such as a ticket system, call recording modules, workload updates, etc.

I have given rewards based on number of tickets resolved (frequency and difficulty) accuracy of documentation, number of out bound calls made, etc.

Any other ideas? and what kind of pay incentives are there out there?

I have to think about this now because I sense it will be a skinny year for raises and the end of the year reviews are coming. I have been hearing a lot of companies will be offering incentive pay plans versus fixed increases and I want to have more options so as to not reduce morale.

Thanks in advance.

Author mrinal_mrinal77
#2 | Posted: 15 Nov 2006 07:32 
Hi Dean,

You've covered most of what's needed, try these if it sounds interesting.

1. Average handle time / call - set benchmark.
2. First time resoultion - can be mapped.
3. No. of escalations made - -ve impact unless unavoidable.
4. Customer appreciation/s - may come in handy.
5. Upsales conversion - in case you deal with some.
6. Service levels - Calls answered (within 30 sec. etc) vs calls landed
7. Availibility of csr's = Offered hrs. - (working hours + breaks).

Hope! i'm helping.


Author mrinal_mrinal77
#3 | Posted: 15 Nov 2006 07:35 
a good plan that i've known equals = 20% of csr's contract value/ monthly pay package, can be given out in combinations of cash , Kind or appreciation.

Author dinomyto
#4 | Posted: 16 Nov 2006 09:15 
Maybe you can assign specific clients to each of your CSR's and reward them based on their ability to retain them long term?

I guess that might be difficult if there are other problems associated with client retention such as product performance, market status, etc.

just a thought.


Author alethead74
#5 | Posted: 20 Nov 2006 16:37 
My incentive program for my Customer Service Group is paid out monthly. I give them buckets so it's not all or nothing.

One bucket is based if the sales team has exceeded their goal for the month. My theory is more orders going out the door increases work load. (credit memos, tracking, etc)

One is on attendance. That one is an all or nothing. No tardies or unplanned absences.

One is for the review the sales reps give on them. (the reps give feedback each month on how the CS is performing.

One is for errors

One is for perfomance on call monitors

Hope this helps! I would love to know what you come up with. I like to change my buckets occasionaly.

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 Incentive plans for CSR

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