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Inbound and Outbound calling

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#1   Posted: 15 Jul 2009 11:51

My company is looking at starting an outbound calling program. Is anyone currently running an outbound center? Do your outbound reps do both inbound and outbound activities? The current plan is to have the reps do both inbound and outbound calls during the day. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this and does it work - or is it best to separate the two skills?

#2   Posted: 22 Jul 2009 13:55

We have an inbound/outbound call center. I think that it works well in our field. All of our reps do both in and outbound calls. We offer monthly bonus' to all of our reps, and part of their bonus is the amount of calls that they make, which is a combo of both in and out calls.

#3   Posted: 28 Aug 2009 12:33   Edited by: Admin

I work with an call center & it is not that hard for outbound guys to take inbound calls however it is not the same vice versa because you need to have a thick skin in outbound and time matters the most.

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