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how to provide customer service?

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#1   Posted: 14 May 2008 19:31


i am system admin at a small company. i basically do all the computers for my company and deal with 55 people. i get crap from people and have a hard time providing good customer service when this happens.

people at my work are telling management my attitude sucks. i try to be cheerful, but i have alot of stuff going on in my life right now and im pretty stressed out. ive had this problem in the past at this job, but it wasnt 100% my fault. i found out that my boss was emailed (again) about my attitude and now im afraid i may have to fight to stay employed. dont get me wrong--i dont have a "screw you" attitude--but i dont smile much, im pretty quiet, and i can be short with people at times.

can anyone offer some freindly support? i am awesome when it comes to computers, but not so good at times dealing with people. i just want to become better at this and learn how to deal with this when it becomes hard.


#2   Posted: 21 May 2008 19:57

When you ask yourself how long you would tolerate "I'm going through a lot right now" as a company owner with people you rely upon to provide solutions to other people, what goes through your mind? Are you feeling benevolent, patient, giving, satisfied, troubled?

The person who doesn't have great interactive skills can gain from some tips about how to make people PERCEIVE things differently. Owning the solution can include exchanging the solution and not crossing your arms, not huffing an puffing, not marvelling at the incredible stupidity of "the User." There is hope. There IS talent and something beneficial to be had from the less equipped people in the "people skill department." But they need to be coached. There needs to be a managing talent for the employed talent.

If someone cannot create satisfaction through what they excel in and through the proper coaching from people that should be there to guide on how people/customers should be treated, then that someone needs to figure out where to go next, and the boss of that person needs to be on a similar page. And if someone cannot figure out how to staff with talented people in the required skill set that are also concerned about satisfaction of customers, then let's call for a look at that as well.

#3   Posted: 27 May 2008 01:52

Hi, You just got started; it's great that you have identified your problem. If you notice yourself mostly you will be the person who likes to show off in dark color attires, which makes your attitude even more worse. No need to change much all of a sudden. People with such attitude should opt for pleasing colors that make their personality more approachable. When you resume work next time give some time to inter customer relationship, start with the nearest person, during breaks leave work and sit with a colleague for a cup of tea not at your desk.

Just experiment with this and advise if any changes. Normally you should it bemin 30days for everyone to notice changes. Your life will too seem to become less complicated.

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