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Grading Tone of Voice

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#1   Posted: 6 Apr 2011 11:22

I'm in the quality department of a call center that seats 20-30 reps daily. Quality assurance is a relatively new process at this call center. Prior to quality becoming a major factor on the call floor, the call flow basicly went as follows. Answer the phone, provide relevant information, then say good bye. Now we have opening statements, closing statements, scripting, and a huge list of other items relevant to our business.

The reps have caught on pretty quick, and most of them have no problem following our scripts, and giving accurate information, which in turn is leading to pretty high quality scores.

The problem is that I am having a hard time grading tone of voice. Our measure for grading tone of voice on the quality form is "Did you have a smile in your voice". I know these people and hear them everyday, and I normally give them credit for having a smile in their voice if they dont sound miserable.

I need help implementing a fair method of grading tone of voice outside of our one measure.

Thank you in advance for any tips


#2   Posted: 27 May 2011 04:25

PERFECT is an abbreviation that I use a lot. Pitch, Energy, Rate of Speak, Feeling (empathy), Encouragement, Clarity and Tone.

You may be able to use above to create something that will be useful to assess your agents against. Hope this helps.

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