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Employee Fulfillment a Key to Creating a Customer Focused Culture

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#1   Posted: 8 Jul 2011 08:44

Employees want to feel appreciated and trusted. One way of proving this is to invest in them through training. They know you are taking their time, which they are being paid for, and the resources (trainers, training materials, etc.), which they know are expensive, and investing in them to be better at what they do.

Training is the first step. Then, you have to let them put the training into play. You must create an environment that gives your employees the autonomy they need to solve problems and make good choices and recommendations. Micromanaging their every move will suffocate them and make them feel their training was a waste. Giving them the space and the power to make decisions and suggestions broadens, for which they get constructive feedback, helps them grow and increases their sense of fulfillment.

Employee fulfillment is an important part of creating a customer focused culture. Fulfilled employees are happier, work harder and care more — all of which ultimately has a positive impact on your customers' experiences. Remember that what is happening on the inside of an organization is being felt on the outside by the customer.

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