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Do we really Care for Customers?

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#1   Posted: 7 Feb 2006 09:30

Dear members,

Do we really care for customers even when are in
1) Distress?
2) Trouble in our office?
3) personal problem?

Will our surrounding affects our effectiveness on customer service?

Just thought to talk to this team with the expectation of getting good replies, Experiences or Case studies.

Eagerly awaiting your replies

#2   Posted: 8 Feb 2006 03:59

In my experience the best practice was to put all the customer-related workflow-parts into one departement (call it Cust.Serv. Dept.) and organise it to work as one or more teams. These teams should have definite tasks, roles and responsibilities. If the responsibilities are belong to groups which are akting like a real team, they will cover all the problems of individuals. I always called the team to account the tasks, or deadlines, or other required parameters. It was working. The key is the real team, with right people in.

regards: dezo

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