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Customer Service Training Videos - 11 Tips You Need to Know

Author kirklott
#1 | Posted: 9 Apr 2010 18:04 
Video is the most important tool in training today — bar none.

Why? People like to watch. Look at YouTube, the 3rd most popular website on the planet. More than 23% of internet users visit it every day. And it's only 5 years old!

Add in the fact most people are increasingly visual learners, and video is extremely effective.

Video is an essential part of your training mix. Equally essential is choosing the right video, one that will meet your training objectives.

Here are some important factors to ensure you get the right video.

1. Industry appropriate? If you're in health care, avoid showing a hospitality video. It's important to select a video that is industry-neutral or in a variety settings.

2. Support materials? What's the quantity and quality of support materials? Are you allowed to make copies of support materials, or will you be prompted to buy additional expensive workbooks, etc.

3. Retain attention? Is the video engaging? If your trainees don't watch, they won't learn. Pick a video that's engaging and enjoyable to watch.

4. Clear learning points? After watching a video, do you remember the key learning points? It's essential that learning points are clear and easy to remember.

5. Does it show rather than tell? A bad video talks about behavior, a good video shows behavior. If you want talking, try an audio recording instead.

6. Is it easy to use? Does the video come with suggested agendas? This will save you time and get a training program up and running quickly.

7. Is it current? Feathered hair and leg warmers will lose your audience quickly. Select a video made within the last decade.

8. Production quality? Does the video scream "training video?" Your trainees are increasingly sophisticated media consumers. Look for quality: something that looks like a television program.

9. Right length? A 1-minute meeting opener won't facilitate much learning. Pick something with solid content but brief enough to meet your schedule.

10. Right skill level? Is it aimed at entry level or executives? Select a video that's right for your audience.

11. Delivery method? What meets your needs - DVD, web, or video files? Make sure the video is available in the format that meets your needs.

Follow these simple guidelines in selecting your new training video, and you're guaranteed to have enjoyable, effective training!

Erich Toll has produced training videos since 1994. His videos are benefiting thousands of businesses, government agencies and universities worldwide. Enjoy a free preview of customer service training videos at Engaging Training.

Customer Service Forum Customer Service Manager Forum / Customer Service Forum /
 Customer Service Training Videos - 11 Tips You Need to Know

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