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Customer Service Metrics for Inbound Call Center

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#1   Posted: 2 May 2009 15:32

We are looking to review all our current metrics that we use in review of our CSRs such as availability/quality/case count - (Our center is not a sales office and only inbound calls) - Any suggestions?

#2   Posted: 7 May 2009 20:04

Pkunhs I am not a czar of metrics but I can try to help to instigate a response, if not tinker through some ideas that can be of some kind of help for you. What I would like to do is ask whether you have any kind of sample info you are able to share (what you are currently using). Can you do that without compromising too much private information?

How is the Quality component done? Is that an internal person rating somebody on their performance while listening on the phone? Or is that a customer rating on a service ticket? What's the matter with the way any of that is being done now?

What is it about your current way of doing things that prompts you or somebody in your organization to change anything about your reporting or the behaviors behind the reporting? What is supposed to be lacking? what is supposed to be the problem with the current view of how people are doing their jobs in customer service? Have you gotten anyone to articulate what they are trying to accomplish or are you just facing a lot of pounding on the table and aimlessness?

Please come back with some specifics from any of the angles I am suggesting through my conversational (and not Instant Teller Machine) style and see where we go next.

#3   Posted: 14 Apr 2021 23:49

We are looking to review all our current metrics that we use in review of our CSRs such as availability/quality/case count

I work as a Team Manager at Offshore Business Processing a call center in Australia, and the only way to do that is to measure agent productivity with solid, reliable call center metrics. Take note it's your call to identify your own metrics, you may use this as a reference. This is my list of reliable call center metrics.

1. Average Call Abandonment Rate
2. Percentage of Calls Blocked
3. Average Time in Queue
4. Service Level
5. Average Speed of Answer
6. Average Handle Time
7. Average After Call Work Time
8. First Call Resolution
9. Occupancy Rate
10. Customer Satisfaction

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