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Customer satisfaction on Freight, Aviation, Shipping, Cargo

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#1   Posted: 22 Apr 2008 04:59

Good to know there is such a community that shares information on customer service.
A) I am a cargo officer dealing in above departments. All are related to freight services. We are never in contact with direct customers but with cargo agents who are middleman between us (cargo forwarders) and customers. We don't normally come in contact with our real customers to know their satisfaction
B) All agents know us. But it's the customers I am looking for. How do I announce to the place we deal in to contact us direct in case of non-satisfaction? Without advertisement.
C) What are the other types of CS suggestion that can be given in this industry?

#2   Posted: 22 Apr 2008 12:49

Hello Roopesh,

This is interesting. Actually you could do a lot of things - you could start sending out monthly newsletters - not only to your customers, but to your agents as well. In the newsletter make sure you educate your customer about whom to contact in case they are not satisfied with the service they have received / are currently receiving. You could also add a lot of other things in your Newsletter about your company. If you decide to send out the newsletters by email - it saves you the cost of printing and distributing them as well !

Or, you could give out small momentos or gifts - like desktop calenders or paper-weights or even mousepads and key-chains! Ofcourse, all of them would carry the required information - like your company's email address or phone number which they would have to use if they have to make a complaint. Again, these items can be distributed not only to your customers, but also to your agents.

It would make a lot of difference if your agents know that if they provide bad service, the customers can contact the company directly.

All the best


#3   Posted: 2 Jun 2008 09:44

Hi Roopesh,

How about conducting a regular feedback process that asked your end customers and agents what they thought about hte service they received. You can then find out the satisfaction levels of customers and also the satisfaction levels amongst agents! there are a number of 360 approaches like this that can be applied if you really want to understand how satisfied everyone is in your supply chain.

Just offering a bypass system for customers can sometimes alienate agencies, always better to involve them in the process.

Happy to help if you want more details on how the process might work for you.



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