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Customer-Centric Business Focus Leads to Success

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#1   Posted: 30 Jul 2012 13:34

No matter what you call it, a company's focus on customer service is essential for its survival. The current buzz word in the business is "customer centric." This terminology has evolved from customer service to customer experience, and a few others in between.

Someone who really understands the concept is John-Paul Narowski of KarmaCRM, a specialized program that helps small businesses reach their customers in a cost-effective way. JP, as he likes to be called, is customer centric. He is dedicated to his company's customers and to keeping them happy. And he depends on them for their business.

JP's approach proves what I've always said — customer service isn't just a department. Every employee must embrace the philosophy. Customer service is the entire focus of JP's business, and he demands it of his employees. He is so serious about hiring the right people, it took him six months to hire his first employee. Even his customers become part of the team. He builds relationships such that company and customer are working together for the other's success.

What effect would it have on your business if your customers knew you were invested in their success, and they in yours? It would be empowering all around.

A customer centric focus can make a huge difference for your business. JP noted a few of the effects:

1. Customer-centricity turns passive customers into active evangelists, who will recommend your product again and again to their personal contacts.

2. Customer-centricity creates loyal customers who trust your product and your brand, and who are willing to "stick with it."

3. Customer-centricity allows you to collect more feedback from customers, and create a feedback loop that drives customer-centric development.

4. Customer-centricity makes customers more tolerant of any flaws in your product, allowing you additional time to fix the issue and keep their business.

5. Customer-centricity promotes reciprocity, making customers want to go out of their way to help your business in return for the excellent service you provide.

There are several parallels between JP and KarmaCRM and the strategies in my newest book, The Amazement Revolution. First, he shares my obsession for creating customer amazement.

He builds relationships with his customers. He is more than a supplier, he is a partner.

His emphasis on hiring the right people for his customer centric culture falls into two strategies; Serious FUN (culture-based) and hiring right.

He receives feedback and support by building a community of customers who recommend him to others.

He is the real deal. He is a role model who delivers outstanding service and value to his customers and shows the way for his employees and suppliers.
JP sums up his customer centric philosophy like this, "If I focus on the customer and not the money, eventually the money will follow."

I told you he understands!

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