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Customer Care Vs Philanthropy

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#1   Posted: 14 Sep 2012 07:31

Around six years back this was just a usual day at office, when I logged in my system and started answering customer's queries over helpline. During the middle of shift I greeted a customer as "Assalam-O-Alikum! This is Farrukh, how may I help you?" while his credentials popped into my eyes mentioning his 7th call this day, 110 call this week and last workcode (a denotion to know information/reason for calling over helpline) punched as Crank Caller. I adjusted my sitting posture and became more attentive. Customer responded to my greeting in a weird accent which strengthened my suspicion that this called shall make my today's performance unsatisfactory.

However we started communicating (while I was thinking that he should get a speech therapist) He queried about helpline language changing procedure from English to Urdu which was communicated and understood by him then he responded in same accent "Thankyou Son! I have been trying to get this information since a week but all the representatives drop my call without listening as the think of me as a crank. I have been suffering from throat cancer since 2 years and I am unable to speak properly but you listened to me patiently and attentively for which I wish you may get succeeded in your life, Good bye..."

As he hung up I felt myself lost somewhere as I thought of the guy as crank like others but after helping him out and getting his blessings in my favor made me felt highly relaxed and satisfied, which is almost impossible in routine day of a Call Center. I was sitting frozen on my seat till 2 minutes thinking about what just happened and this was the click that made me understand what Customer Care is all about, since than it changed my view of Customer Care and I got myself a target of getting daily at least 2 to 3 same kind of comments, which really clicked.

Helping or serving humanity is not just about providing food, shelter, money or cloths to the needy, it could also be helping out people with their issues which they are unable to understand due to lack of knowledge etc. although there may be customers calling to annoy or make fun of you but that's the job requirement and self-satisfaction is the golden answer to it, which can only be achieved through inner happiness. Appreciation is the only major factor which makes one Go! however sometimes there is no one to appreciate or may not be aware for what you have been performing so in this case a direct feedback of appreciation makes you feel the Wao Effect

Purpose of sharing this was just to refresh, that there may be somethings which we cannot avoid or overlook like our job we need to perform our assigned tasks willingly or unwillingly, it is just a matter of attitude that defines altitude. So if we find something in our job that provides satisfaction then it would result in unconscious dedication towards work.

So I might say that Customer Care is just another name for philanthropy i.e. helping / serving humanity. Moreover if you apply this concept in broader view than it can be applied on every field especially in a call center environment where stress levels are exceptionally high.

#2   Posted: 27 Feb 2016 05:03

This is a great view

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