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#1   Posted: 22 Feb 2008 04:27

Hi there,

I need help from anyone who got experience of setting up a customer account management team. I work in a customer care department of a real estate firm which has just started its operations. We are planning to work up a model where personalised or one-on-one quality customer services could be provided to key customers having high priority. Just need to draft a proposal for my manager with a framework of operations, its benefits, structure etc so that she can get it approved from higher management. I'll appreciate if someone helps me in that.


PS. this is my first ever post on this forum and i anticipate positive response :)

#2   Posted: 29 Feb 2008 19:04

Anasnoorani, I think the answer to that could go plenty of different ways, so it'os hard to pick one, whether one is a specialist in real estate or not--and I fall within the latter category.

But the first thing I could think of is, Well, what is the difference between what exists normally and what a personalized/one-on-one/quality service needs to be? What's a key customer and how is that person different form anybody else? How do you always recognize that this is a key customer without fail? What makes for quality in that customer's experience, is it time spent on them, is it faster attention than what everyone else would get? When you look at the practices that are used for those who do not fall within this elite category, what processes appear to be quite fine as they are for the purposes of the elite customers? What looks like it needs to be improved upon for the sake of an elite group of customers? Is there an incentive to an employee for delivering on the expectations you would develop for the kind of service you want these key customers to get? (Is there one needed? If not, how do you ensure that the elite service will be delivered instead of the "regualr" one?) Will customers who are not key customers feel the results of any additional focus or effort placed on key customers, and is there any room to be concerned about that? In which ways to do you suspect it would be to your advantage to provide one-on-one/quality service for these key customers and which processes (and which people and which stage in the process) within your organization are involved? Do you have the resources to accomplish this. Attention takes time and better attention hints that you need less interruption and a mechanism to ensure that the wealth of what one person achieves is supported by the actions of a peer when that person is not there.

Very conceptual, but that's all I could come up with!

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