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CS team meber

Author martink
#1 | Posted: 22 Nov 2005 14:54 
I have a staff member who has been with the company longer than I.
She has worked in every department before ending up in CS.
Her work ethics and dedication to the job is impeccable.
She will be up for a promotion as soon as the company roles out 2 new products on to the SME market.
The issue that I am currently facing is that her commitment to her job and the responsibilities that she takes on are finally taking it toll on her.
No matter what I have done to ease this stress has not been enough. She can quite easily finish her shift and still feel miserable as she feels that she has not achieved anything for the day.

**Does anyone have a solution on what more I could possibly do our say do this staff member over than trying to explain that the efforts that she puts are not only appreciated but more than enough.

Author sf2k
#2 | Posted: 28 Nov 2005 10:04 
Something may not be right with what is done. Ask her what specific change would reduce her call volumes. At least frustration means she cares.

how about a mini vacation?

Author stormyblueangel
#3 | Posted: 6 Dec 2005 20:09 
Perhaps "time" is taking its toll as you say but not neccessarily in the workplace alone. She could be at a place in life where she is taking inventory or feeling she has not met her goals in her own timely manner. Frustration is a good sign though. It shows she cares and indicates a passion for life and work. This may be a time where some patience with her is needed since she has proven already to be an above average employee with great potential. It may be time to remind her of her value and give her a new challenge.

Author sadams
#4 | Posted: 6 Dec 2005 20:38 
Maybe she is bored and needs more of a challenge in her daily work schedule. Or perhaps she is apprehensive about the promotion. We all feel that way with change even if it is benefiting uus, reassure her that she is more than capable.

Author billesch
#5 | Posted: 8 Dec 2005 05:54 
I believe the best course of action is to talk with her FREQUENTLY about what would make a difference to her. If she's a good employee, then you don't want to lose her. However, maybe she feels like she needs to meet some kind of expectation that is higher than what is really expected of her by management?!?

Make certain her goals and objectives are clearly defined and that she understands it is not her responsibilty to "clean up the mess" of others. It is also not her responsiblity to simply do everything that needs to be done, but rather let management know of these tasks so they can be assigned.

Communication is key in letting her know you care and that you want to work with her to keep her with your organization.

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 CS team meber

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