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CS Statistis for eCommerce company

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#1   Posted: 24 Jul 2010 11:41

could please anybody help me with the statistical data for the contacts that I should expect to get (we are a start up eCommerce company planning to ship physical goods), I am setting up the system and really have troubles to quantify expected contacts.

#2   Posted: 19 May 2011 09:05

Hi Empresa,

I would expect that 100% of your customers will contact you at some point.
This is because it is very difficult to purchase products or services without making contact of some sort, even if this is just leaving contact details and card numbers on an order form. :)

Post-sales, there is no way of giving a general answer to this.
The number of question coming in about:
"Did the sale go through"
"When will it be delivered"
"How do I use it?"
"Can I return it"
.. will vary from industry to industry, how complex your products are to use, and if you are selling to the public or B2B.

The best option here is to set up as many self-service customer support options as possible. For example, can a customer log on to your web site and track the delivery of their order?
If they can (& they can use it), then that will be a notable reduction in telephone calls. :-)

Ben Fleeson
Customer Service Manager

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