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conflict and how to deal with it when there is no resolution (between cust nd member of staff)

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#1   Posted: 22 Apr 2006 14:23   Edited by: andyc

hi everyone.. i accidentally came across this site and i am intrigued by the possibility of it

i work in a large bookstore and our customer service is considered to be exemplary ... I have been asked to present a talk on what to do when there is no resolution to a conflict stuation ... in terms of how to make sure that the cust is not embarassed or affronted and the same with the staff member whilst they hold their 'correct'/'legal' standpoint, and ways for the staff member to "let go"/ buffer themselves so they are able to continue in the day with as little disruption to themselves or to their colleagues.

In what I have come up with so far I'm coming out with some good points but would be intrigued if you guys have anything to offer/say.

I'm not putting that much detail in this topic as I would like to hear as broad a section of advice as I can, and I would be interested if you have any examples where there was no satisfactory resolution.

i will post the results of my talk in the future


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