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#1   Posted: 21 Feb 2006 19:52   Edited by: NYCsBESTsecret

I've been offered a position as a CSM to create a Customer Service Department for an Investment Securities firm with 10's of thousands of clients, that has never had a Customer Service Department before.

With very little customer service experience or investment securities experience It's the "Chance of a Lifetime."

My question is...How do I go about this for a very successful Investment Securities firm that has never had a Customer Service Department before and be successful?

I have 6 months to make it happen. Where do i start and how do i begin? Any suggestions?

#2   Posted: 22 Feb 2006 06:39

Ask and involve your colleagues. Create a customer service team to identify the core standard requirements, define the standards, communicate them and start measuring as soon as they have been launched.

good luck

#3   Posted: 2 Mar 2006 06:00

One of the best teachers are those doing the work you would like to know about. Research is also a key component of developing any department. Find out what makes other investment companies' customer service great - call them and get the experience first hand. Make notes and then discuss them with your colleagues who have done the same. Regardless of what is implemented in the beginning, it is an ever evolving process. With this in mind you will be able to keep track of what works and what doesn't.

best wishes.

#4   Posted: 2 Mar 2006 06:54

I think David has a bright idea. I think you should involve your colleagues and go ahead. Your experience will be more of making than fixing. Afterall, you just told us the firm has never had a Customer Service Department before. It has however been able to survive with 10s of thousands of clients. While the identification of the core standard requirements is going on, get to talk to some of your clients and I bet you, you,ll discover how to ameliorate and put your strategies in place. Your department is also something new that your clients will be experienceing, not just you...

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