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at your service

Author triskeliane
#1 | Posted: 8 Mar 2006 04:34 

I am Hanylet San Juan, GLOBAL SKY INC. US managed, based in Manila,Philippines.Global Sky Inc. is a call center service provider dedicated to supporting your business' call center needs through a full range of inbound and outbound call services. With us, we make it our business to see your business grow.

Our team of experienced and highly traine outbound professionals is committed to providing efficient and effective call center service plans to fit your business' requirements. Our call agents constantly undergo call handling and customer service training and development to ensure quality service for maximum results for our clients.
Our telemarketing team has worked with Dell, Microsoft, Apple, MCI, IBM etc,. With our experience, training and dedication, we are confident that we can deliver excellent results through productive call center services for your company's needs.

We at Global SKY INC. hope to be in partnership with your diverse lines of
business to further provide Exceptional Customer Transactions for YOUR

Our accountability is your assurance that all your customers' needs will be
met by our well-trained, highly efficient communicators. Our agents have
received top notch training in understanding customers of different cultures and possess the confidence and the competence to achieve Legendary Service. We will provide Complete Customer Satisfaction at Lowest Cost.

Feel free to view our website, global-sky.com, and let us show you
what Excellent Customer Transactions are all about.

Thank you.

Hanylet San Juan
Business Development Officer
http://www.global-sky.com Philippines Call Center

Customer Service Forum Customer Service Manager Forum / Customer Service Forum /
 at your service

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