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Apple don't care unless you buy lots of Apple stuff!

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#1   Posted: 28 Nov 2013 08:21

Just spent an hour of my time speaking to a number of customer service advisers that wanted to 'take ownership' of my problem...but I'm still left without my iphone. My iphone has been gradually breaking ever since I installed ios7. First the battery life, then my wifi connection and finally it just gave up. Every time I tried to restore it I just got 'error 29.' I tried this on 3 different PCs and still got the same error. I therefore spoke to Apple support AGAIN and was told that due to the size of the update, Apple didn't expect for it to put such a strain on the phones, and they therefore may develop further problems, she agreed it was faulty and advised 166.44 to replace with Apple, but to contact my carrier for a cheaper price maybe. I did that, and they don't want to help because its 3 months and 8 days outside of its manufacturing warranty! I called Apple back, and got transfered to someone that is the most senior in the tech support department - he also wanted to take ownership of my problem aparently. After a lenghty discussion about how this isn't my fault, and he just kept telling me to make a consumer law claim! I also said that I would pay for the replacement, but not the 166.44, I would compremise and pay 60. Aparently that is not an option and he does not have the authority to do so? This is when he asked me to send serial numbers for all of the Apple products registered to my address. And then he said MAYBE he would look at replacing the phone for me. Long story short, if you want any help from Apple, make sure you own lots of their products, otherwise they'll fob you off like any other retailer.

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