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Author feliciaampofo
#1 | Posted: 19 Mar 2008 07:22 
Can you give an example of a team decision you were involved in recently? What did you do to help the team reach the decision?What was the situation?What action did you take?What was the result?

Author KarenSB
#2 | Posted: 2 Apr 2008 07:31 
Hi Felicia,

You posted this on one of my favorite days of the year - when the swallows return to Capistrano! I saw it then, and started to respond. I've been back to it several times since.

Every day I'm involved in team decisions be it with the job, the family and/or with friends. It is *so* familiar as to be as natural as breathing. I keep coming back to wondering what exactly you are asking/looking for. And I've decided that since this is the CSM forum, you are looking for feedback from only that perspective, i.e., cust. svc manager and team of reps.

For the situations that are best decided by the team, I prefer to take the role of facilitator, guiding the discussions within the framework of policies and procedures, impact on organization and business unit and customers, costs, tools and resources necessary to implement, and sustained maintenance of the decision.

An example. My team collected highly personal data, then generated paper based results reports which were delivered privately. In this info age culture, it became apparent that we needed to deliver the results reports electronically to meet customer demand. How to accomplish this while maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality and process integrity became paramount for my team.

It was easy enough for the team to agree on certain procedures, but their view tended to be myopic, i.e., they weren't accustomed to thinking about how their decisions might impact IT, QA, the Help Desk or Shipping or on and on and on.

And I love approaching problems in this manner, because the result is always a two-fer (or more). A viable solution, buy-in from all parties, greater understanding of the team's role in the organization, a separating of the wheat from the chaffe within the team itself, and a usually positive forward movement of the organization as a whole.

Hope this helps!

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