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New Customer Service Book - Complimentary Copy until 10/31/10

Author care4me
#1 | Posted: 8 Oct 2010 08:37 
We are Tom and Lynn Wilson, consumer advocates, entrepreneurs and business leaders. We have just published a new book about customer service and we'd like to offer you a complimentary copy if you you'll agree to provide a 3+ review on Amazon (assuming you feel the book provides some real value).

To download your free copy (until 10/31), go to:


Enter code DZ48W at checkout

It is available in 10 eBook formats.

Here is more about Negotiate Anything!

Negotiate Anything! is the culmination of a 30 year study of customer service. It has two audiences. For consumers, it presents secrets to make companies treat them fairly. For businesses, it teaches them how to pull ahead of the competition by providing excellent customer service. It offers a concise and proven method for consumers to use to start getting their money's worth from companies when things go wrong. It also lets you know the tricks some companies use to bamboozle you and keep you from getting the good service you deserve. The authors show how they have saved well over $30,000 themselves. They are so confident of their method, they provide a written 100% money back guarantee for consumers if they follow the process and don't save at least two times the cost of the book in the first year alone. It can be found on P261. For businesses, Negotiate Anything! presents the 12 Success Criteria for creating, implementing and tracking a highly differentiated level of customer service designed to drive the top and bottom line. Business owners and leaders will learn how they torture customers and drive them into their competitors' hands. The causes of deteriorating customer service are reviewed and a clear and pragmatic plan is presented that can be implemented by any size business or organization. Through the example of their own start-up business, The CareGiver Partnership, we learn how a company that cares about its customers is winning with impeccable, personalized service such as answering all calls by the third ring, by a knowledgeable person - in the U.S. This has resulted in over 90% of customers rating them a 9 or 10 on a 10 point scale. As a result of this service, their margins are 2 to 3 times greater than the big box stores.

About the Authors
I am Tom Wilson, former global Sector President at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and his wife, Lynn, who has more than a decade of front-line customer service experience, are co-founders of The CareGiver Partnership. They have collaborated to share 30 years of customer service learning, to benefit consumers and business leaders alike. A single incident in 1977 sparked their passion for studying customer service. They began keeping notes they had with companies of all sizes - restaurants, home repair, auto manufacturers, furniture stores, cell phone providers, health care providers and even non-profit organizations. Over a 30+ year period, they maintained detailed notes of interactions including correspondence to and from companies. They studied the root causes leading to poor and unacceptable service. From this extensive research, they created a new company, The CareGiver Partnership, a national direct to consumer retailer of home health care products and supplies. All their key learning went into providing a new type of service they coined "Personalized Attention - 1950's style".

Author jennytee70
#2 | Posted: 15 Oct 2010 02:14 
I thought your book was very informative, and will put some of the lessons into my business. Thanks Tom and Lynn!


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 New Customer Service Book - Complimentary Copy until 10/31/10

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