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Hello to All!

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#1   Posted: 5 Aug 2009 12:14

I am new to this site but have been in customer service for over 13 years and in management for about 10 years. My focus has been on education/training and I am always looking for ways to further develop my teams. What are you finding is a main concern of yours while developing your team(s)? What ways (that are in your means) are you doing to help lower the attrition rate?

#2   Posted: 11 Aug 2009 10:34

I have 18 people in my c/s dept and work for a 3rd generation family run business in the textile industry. I have been with the firm about 5 years and was hired as the c/s manager. My greatest hurdle has been people that have been here 15 plus years were not the most open to new ideas and the hardest to re-train to any new ideas. Slowly they are coming around to new ideas and procedures, some faster then others. The approach that seems to work the best is to identify a problem or area for improvement, tell them the end goal and ask in an open forum how they would achieve that goal. When they are involved in the process they have greater compliance for new procedures and spur each other on to achieve these new goals. We also have weekly training on call management, order flow, improvement in our relationship with the warehouse for timely order fulfillment and computer skills .... I hope this helps you ..

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