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Hello from a CCC with the Department of Motor Vehicles

Author penocea1
#1 | Posted: 8 Apr 2007 05:18 
I just started working for the DMV over 2 weeks ago. I have been in Customer Service for 18 years and really love what I do. We all have had our share of experience with our own Local DMV's and "because they work for the state and no competition, they don't have to be nice." I really want to change that attitude. The state of Virginia wants to change that attitude. I'm here to gain more insight, to learn, and maybe to share experiences (nothing confidential)

Author patilint
#2 | Posted: 9 Apr 2007 08:16 
Years ago I worked for the telephone company - before it was split into many pieces- it was all AT&T and because there was no where else for a customer to go, we had more regulations on customer service than most private companies have today.

We always had to greet the customer, listen to them and show empathy no matter what the problem. If someone said that their dog chewed up the phone bill and we knew it was an excuse not to pay we still had to show empathy and put the customer at ease.

I think the DMV is one of the worst for customer service- I live in PA and the people I have come in contact with have been rude, hurried and seem not to care..not sure if they don't get paid well, their managers don't treat them as customers shoud be treated or what.....maybe that is the place to start...maybe if the employees feel special and treated fairly they will have an easier time responding that way to their customers.

Smile, listen and treat each customer as if it is your only customer that day...because to the customer that is the reality.

Look forward to your posts. Have a great day.

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 Hello from a CCC with the Department of Motor Vehicles

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