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Author billesch
#1 | Posted: 8 Dec 2005 05:44 
Hello All!

My name is Bill and I'm the Customer Service Manager for an Internet Company. I oversee 10 staff members in four inter-related departments: Reception/Office, Technical Support, Dispatch/Scheduling, Wireless/DSL Installation.

I have to say that I LOVE this job. My staff is awesome and really enjoy making a good impression on our customers as well as going the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

I'm new to this site and these boards, but this isn't the last you'll hear from me here. My background is in communications and graphic arts, so I tend to write/respond to forums.

I'm looking forward to sharing and learning with and from each of you!


Author Kwhite
#2 | Posted: 19 Jan 2006 10:17 
Hi Bill

I am Kevin and I work for the Denver Dumb Friends League, an animal shelter, arguably the best in the nation, and I look forward to utilizing this site. I have 45 employees in three departments, Adoptions, Customer Service Representatives (phone receptionists), and Intake (where the animals come in from the community).

I love my job as well and look forward to hearing advice from you and others.

Have a great day.


Author kathy
#3 | Posted: 19 Jan 2006 13:20 
Hi Bill & Kevin

I am new to this site also and am anxious to read through it looking for ideas.

I am the greenhouse supervisor for a family-owned garden center (now in it's 6th generation!).

We have begun a customer service program this year we are calling "The Year Of The Customer...the focus is on you."

We have always been very customer service oriented, but in a loose sort of way....nothing real organized. This year we are striving to train our full time staff and part time spring staff to FOCUS on the customer and be aware of what they are doing and how they are coming across.

It has been a challenge to organize this, but we are having fun and are getting a great response from employees and customers alike. Each monthly staff meeting will focus on a certain aspect of customer service, everyone participates in the discussion and we go over issues that have come up. We've initiated several new projects from updating our POS, our website and online services, our Frequent Gardener Program and many other things. The energy being created is incredible.

I am hoping to see some discussion on retail customer service in this forum. I know this is different from most of the CSP issues I've "lurked" around, but I'm sure there are other retailers out there facing the same issues.

I hope to hear from them!

Author nancymut
#4 | Posted: 25 Jan 2006 02:03 
Hi Everyone,

Its nice to be on board. Am also a new member to this forum and surprisingly my job is more less like Bill's.
I am the Customer Care Manager for an ISP(Internet Service Provider) and I oversee a team of 9 staff members.

I love my job and most of all my team, I always tell them they are the best customer service team in the whole world, can u imagine that!! And by the way, we are operating in a third world country so you can imagine the demands are much higher.

I do look forward to hearing from all you.

All the best and expect Success!!


Author sophiatu
#5 | Posted: 31 Jan 2006 00:33 
Iam new on this site ,I am a customer services officer who handles complaints

in a commission that regulates utiliies ie. water company and electricity.Iam glad have had access to this site and hope it will be very beneficial to my profession.

Gifty Bruce Nelson

Author jeanpa
#6 | Posted: 1 Feb 2006 08:26 
Hello Everyone

I am Antonia, a Hospitality Trainer/Consultant from the Caribbean. I am very new to any e-forum.

I am moving into full consultancy in training with an emphasis on Customer Care. I look forward to a very fruitful experience on this site.


Author Kimia
#7 | Posted: 9 Feb 2006 07:08 
Hi all,

My real names are Justin Barthson and I am also new to this forum.(2days) I am in Cameroon and am a Retail sales and Customer Care Supervisor in a GSM company. I was pleased to discover this site yesterday and have not left it since then(seriously). To my job, it is like having a steel knife in the stone age.

I also hope that the relationship I'll have with all of my fellow customer service executives on this forum will grow to become a very important asset in my life.

Please come here often and meet me. I need all of you.

Justin B.

Author Emilia Nwokoro
#8 | Posted: 1 Mar 2006 08:04 
Hello everyone,

I am Emilia, i just discovered this site today and i am so glad to be one of you. I work as a head of Consumer Protection & Advocacy unit in a telecom regulatory Commission and my core function is handling of consumer complaints.

I love my job and every day i look forward to resolving many complaints but my problem is that some issues linger more than they should due to non response from the service providers and it makes it look as if i am inefficient in the job.

I want people like Bill and Nancy to advice on how best to achieve my target because in two months time i will be made a call centre Manager having ten man automated call points. I want to widen my knowledge to be able to handle this responsibility.

Hope to read from you all.


Author desbella2003
#9 | Posted: 11 Mar 2006 05:39 
Hi Everyone,
I am Donna a hospitality graduate from London who is struggling to make certain vital career decisions at the moment. I will be asking for effective advice from time to time. Looking forward to interesting conversations with you all.


Author bchap56
#10 | Posted: 14 Mar 2006 18:35 

I'm Bryan. I just found this site a few days ago. I am the Customer Care Manager of a regional pest control company. I have one department that operates like 4 or 5. We handle billing, mass marketing mailouts, customer surveys, and a call center. I've worked in customer service for 6 or 7 years, but this is my first management position. I look forward to learning from the more seasoned Customer Service managers out there on way to inprove my department.


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