What Can US Online Casinos Learn About Customer Service from European Casinos?

Customer support agent

The online casino industry in Europe is more widely regulated than in the US. This regulation ensures the fair and transparent nature of online casinos on the continent.

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) plays an important role. It was set up to provide standards for the casino industry, and operators registered with EGBA adhere to these standards, which include responsible gambling measures and transparent and accurate customer service.

US online casinos can learn a lot from their European counterparts. While brands like BetMGM and Borgata undoubtedly have customer service experience from their land-based operations, the online landscape brings challenges like communication and transparency in a digital space. Studying the European market helps operators overcome these challenges. This is especially the case when they look at market-leading industries like those in the UK and Finland.

One customer-focused area where European online casinos can teach US operators is the provision of information. Visit a European-based online casino, and you can easily access licensing details, company information, terms and conditions, fair play data, and responsible gambling measures.

This data is more complex in the US, as only seven states currently have legal online casinos. These states are Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Rhode Island. Given the varying regulatory positions for US online casinos, it can be difficult to provide easily accessible data, but it’s important to do so to provide a transparent experience for players.

This transparency is an essential aspect of customer service at online casinos, as it enables players to fully understand what to expect, know that they are being treated fairly, and have access to responsible gambling tools.

Looking at customer service in more detail reveals other areas where online casino sites in the US can learn from operators in Europe. For example, European customer support is often available via live chat, providing immediate assistance and problem resolution 24/7.

Agents are trained to verify player identity, so personal data is always protected. These verification processes also reduce the risk of fraud and other suspicious activity. So, it’s a lesson that US operators can learn, which benefits them and their customers.

We have already mentioned how live chat benefits customer support. European operators realize that offering other methods of contact is a good idea. Many of them allow players to contact them using live chat, email, and phone. This is also good practice for US operators, as it gives players more choice.

In addition, US online casinos are learning to follow the example of European sites in offering personalized support to players. This support often takes the form of VIP packages that provide improved service for regular players and high rollers.

Learning customer support lessons from European online casinos is essential for US operators. While they may have experience in land-based customer services, embracing European ideas like multi-channel support, easy access to transparent information, and personalized support helps them improve customer engagement and loyalty online. Doing this makes it easier for operators to retain their customer base.

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