Hiring Customer Service Representatives that are a Perfect Fit

Learn how to see past the smiles and polish to truly know this employee will perform well as a CSR.

Customer service often means dealing with angry, frustrated, or rude customers. Let’s examine the specific steps of the Five-Step Process for handling these customers.

Are You a Customer Centric Organization?

Most companies think they are customer centric. After all, don’t companies hire nice people, and provide them some training? So what’s the problem?

Blocks to Customer Focus

Despite all the proclamations, catchy advertising slogans, and customer service publicity, service levels have improved only marginally in the last few years. Learn more about the blocks to customer focus.

How to Amplify the Voice of the Customer

Actively pursuing Voice of the Customer feedback generates genuine business intelligence. Read on to learn how to amplify the voice of the customer.

Action Ideas to Deal with Difficult Customers

When was the last time you had to deal with a difficult customer? It was probably an external customer but perhaps it was an internal customer, such as a member of your team, a colleague or even – your boss!

Customer Satisfaction Isn’t Enough Any More

Standards have gone up – and 90% customer satisfaction simply isn’t enough any more. You have to go far beyond simple satisfaction to build follow-up and referral business, and profitability.

Managing Customer Contacts

You work extremely hard to attract customers for your business. Once you have them, managing your customer contacts can help you keep them from jumping to competitors.

Are You Hearing Your Customers?

How can you ensure your ‘tracking service’ is on? Keep communication open to always hear your customers. Don’t just send messages; encourage theirs, as well. Learn more in this article.

Great Service Means Being Extraordinary

Great service means much, much more than meeting a minimal standard. It means doing extraordinary and sometimes outrageous things on behalf of your customers or clients.

What’s your Customer Service Style?

Whatever kind of customer service you offer – whether big or small, expensive or cheap, large-scale or small – do it with style.

The Unbeatable Laws Of Customer Service

If you want to be number one in customer service, you have to do a number of things that make you stand out from the crowd. Here are 7 ways that will put you on top.

Customer Loyalty Linked to Employee Satisfaction

It is now widely believed that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between a loyal employee and a loyal customer.

Thank Goodness for Customer Complaints

If I was thinking of buying stocks and shares in a company – or more importantly buying products from them – I would try to find out how good they are at dealing with customer complaints.

Sure Fire Ways To Drive Customers Away!

Call it regimented thinking. Call it the-way-we-have-always-done-it. But by any name, there are actions and practices that far too many businesses engage in that can unknowingly drive customers away.

Building Loyal Customers, from Contact to Delivery

Getting customers to trust your firm is the name of the game. In fact, after money and desire, all purchases are about trust.

Making Customers Feel Important

Customers are people first. This means that each of your Customers, like everyone else, wants to feel important.

How to ‘Revolutionize’ Your Customer Service

There’s much written and spoken about customer care, customer service, even customer delight. But what does it all mean? Here are seven tips to help you look at your business and identify where you can “revolutionize” your customer service.

Raising the Profile of Customer Care

Disappointingly, customer care departments are often poorly resourced and under valued in the corporate hierarchy, rather than seen as an opportunity to get closer to customers.