The Power of Highly Satisfied Customers

Find out the difference between satisfied customers and highly satisfied customers and the impact on your business.

The top 1% of businesses has a level of business courtesy others simply do not. In this article, Honorée Coder takes a close look at what separates the top 1% of business professionals, income-earners and producers from the other 99%.

True Success Equals Loyal Customers

Dennis Sommer provides 5 ways to dazzle your customer base and create customer loyalty.

Tips for Removing “Customer Hassles”

Are you wrestling with cranky customers, low-vitality products, congested services, and an aching bottom line? You certainly don’t need to. Read on to learn more.

Customer Service or Customers Serve Us?

Here are the seven “Fs” that create the kind of customer service that is completely satisfying to every customer every time.

Test Your Customer Service Knowledge!

Who says service is serious? Take this fun quiz to test your customer service knowledge.

Dealing with Customer Complaints – B.L.A.S.T.

Handling customer complaints doesn’t have to always be a battle, with the right tools and responses you can use complaints to your advantage; to help you build your business.

Customer Service Begins with an “A”

Customer service is built on the bedrock of a positive attitude. Without the positive attitude all of the attempts to “train” customer service will fail.

Is It Any Wonder that Companies Lose Customers?

Treating a customer with dignity and respect shouldn’t be a chore – in fact it should be seen as a privilege.

Prove Yourself Every Time With Customer Service

Larry Galler reveals a newly discovered business-medical condition, “SCS.” Salesperson Complacency Syndrome!

If your company is really about customer service, you do not want to stop providing service to customers just because they decide not to do business with you right now.

For businesses large and small, success and profitability depends upon customer acquisition, customer contact and customer retention. This customer management cycle can be further enhanced by implementing a Customer Relationship Management strategy or CRM.

20 Business Telephone Etiquette Tips

Today’s technology has many advantages and a great many disadvantages. I often wonder how our society survived without a mobile telephone. Now I wonder how I survived without the Internet.

Customers Are Us! The Golden Rule of Customer Service

It really does come down to the Golden Rule of treating people the way we would like to be treated. In our society, maybe it’s not Gold or Platinum, maybe it’s The Titanium Rule, in every thing you do in business, as humanly possible, to make sure that the customer feels appreciated!

Standards of Customer Service

Chuck Dennis presents some important things to consider when setting your customer service standards.

A customer service failure, simply defined, is customer service performance that fails to meet an individual’s expectations. Read on to learn how to restore the customer relationship.

How to Determine Your Customer’s Value

Determining your customer’s value can literally be the most profitable thing you’ll ever do for your business. Here you can learn more about Marginal Net Worth and Lifetime Value.

One of the most important things that can set you apart from your competition is giving better service on the telephone. Here are 5 quick and simple tips for better phone service.

Creating Customer Service Dynamos

With these smart tips, you can turn your employees into customer service pros.