24 Hour Live Chat Service Launches in Taiwan

Taiwan is a global hub of technological products, and since people there lead busy lives, “24-hour service” is emerging as a new culture, according to Sinyi Realty, a real estate company in Taiwan. According to a survey conducted by Sinyi, since its 24-hour online service launched, even in the late night or early morning, there [...]

Answering a Call from the Future

You might think a “phone company” deluged with “call center” customer-service problems is as ironic as it gets. You’d be wrong..

Best Customer Service Companies

We all have our own opinions on which companies provide the best customer service, but what do others think? In this Business Week ranking you can discover which of the world’s biggest companies provide the best customer service. The Results of this Business Week 2008 Customer Service Champs ranking are based on research by by [...]

CRM For Beginners – Customer Relationship Management Basics

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of bringing the customer and the company closer together. The goal of CRM is to help a company maintain current customers, as well as gain new customers..

Address Book 4.0 CRM-Lite Now Available in Streetsmart

InfoStreet’s flagship CRM software gets an upgrade. InfoStreet Inc. this week announces that their flagship software, StreetSmart is receiving an upgrade to its Address Book application. The new upgrade, called Address Book 4.0 is due in large part to client demand for a highly-scaled back CRM system. In addition, users continue to have the freedom [...]

Customer Service and Sales – A Great Partnership?

Some say customer service and sales are two entirely different entities, others believe customer service can play a key role in the sales function..

The following story tells how a customer service experience went from funny to sad in less than 24 hours..

Please and Thank You might not earn you a complaint – but it won’t have customers storing an emotional memory that you’re service was exceptional either.

Customer relationship management tools abound, yet let’s hear it for old technology. Your voice is the most multifaceted customer service tool in your toolkit..

It finally hit me this week what every single client, customer, person and patron truly wants – and it’s not what we’re giving them..

How to Keep Customers

Maybe the customer isn’t always right, but if you want to keep them, make sure they like you..

Are You Being Dead Right?

There are times in our lives – both at work and at home – when our actions may have been justified, but an alternative approach may have been a far better choice..

American Airlines Enhance Customer Experience

NICE SmartCenter suite helps American Airlines respond quickly..

Customer Service Cartoons

Need a fun, new idea for your team? How about using customer service cartoons? There can be no better way to put across your message than with a dash of humor. Customer service cartoons can do this job nicely, providing a visual message that your customer service team will take away, remember and most importantly, [...]

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is a term generally used to to measure a customer’s perception of a company’s products and services. It’s not a straight forward science however, as customer satisfaction will vary from person to person, depending on a whole host of variables which may be both psychological and physical. The challenge for companies in recent [...]

CRM – An Essential Overview

Are you looking for a brief overview of Customer Relationship Management and CRM Software? You’re in the right place..

How to Keep a Customer Even When They Are Wrong

Charlotte Sorrentino believes the customer is not always right. Find out what can be done about it..

Getting your customer to yes is not always easy. Here are some “trigger tips” to help you on your way.

Good Customer Service

A good customer service strategy is essential to maintain customer loyalty and retention. In this article you will learn how to achieve good customer service..