How to Provide Outstanding Customer Service

The corner stone of any good business is excellent customer service.

Three Ways Technology Can Boost Your Customer Service

While the golden days of service with a smile are by no means over, and the key to providing great customer service still comes down to our people skills, incorporating the latest technology could give your business’s customer service that extra boost to set you apart from your competitors. In this article, we’ll explore different [...]

One Deal Away: Engaging and Retaining Insurance Customers

Consumers looking for insurance are always looking for the best deal: they search the web, compare the price, and take out the policy..

Amazon Continues to Raise Customer Satisfaction levels

Online shoppers reward retailer with best ForeSee score..

A customer is for life not just for Christmas – how to make your contact centre impress when it matters..

Building Customer Loyalty is Easier than You Thought

Brendan Dykes examines how an audit of a company’s Customer Effort Score can dramatically improve customer service levels and build customer loyalty..

How to Give Good Customer Service

Here are some key points that can show us how to give really good customer service. My sister and I have been in customer service for over 75 combined years. Not that we are that old, but we gained our belief early. We started as salad girls, where we competed to have the cleanest, fullest, [...]

Give Great Customer Service by Treating People Right

Bad customer service is a result of bad management. Let your employees treat customers right and they will be delighted..

AirRoad on LAA Merit for Service Excellence

Road transport company consistently sets the bar for supply chain..

The Importance of Internal Customers

When we think of customer service we immediately think of our external customers – the ones that buy our products or services. But what about another type of customer – the internal customer.

Amazon Opens New Customer Service Center

City of Huntington celebrates 200 new jobs at service center..

Aito Technologies Evaluated in CEM Report

Key CEM market trends report examines Telcos..

Four Ways to a Customer Facing Culture

In this article I will share four actions which can help companies ease the transition to a customer-facing culture..

Aito Leads the way for Customer Experience Analytics

Software changes the way users see their customers..

Alfa Wassermann Selects Sales Vision Pharma CRM

Innovative CRM solution for the life-science industry..

Top Customer Retention Tips

It’s a well known fact that it’s far easier to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one..

Make Customer Service Excellence a Habit

Put your customers at the core of your business and watch your profits soar..

Good Customer Service Skills

The importance of a skilled workforce cannot be overstated. Learn about good customer service skills and why they are important..

Top 7 Tips to Create a Customer Service Culture of Excellence

At any given moment, there is survey after survey showing what customers want and the impact when customers don’t receive what they want..