How to Use Video Chat Effectively for Online Customer Service

Customer service rep on video call

Using video chat to provide customer support is a great way to increase customer satisfaction and build relationships with them because it allows you to provide a top-notch level of support which can help strengthen your relationship with them. However, when you consider using video chat to provide customer support, you should know how to do it in an effective way to maximize the benefits of video chat support. For this purpose, we have discussed a few ways by which you effectively use video chat for customer support.

Know When to Use Video Chat

Using video chat for customer support is a great way to improve customer satisfaction and demonstrate that you care about your customers but using video chat all the time for support is not always a good idea. You should only use video chat when it is necessary, like helping customers out with technical difficulties or answering more complex answers that cannot be resolved over email or live chat.

The reason why you shouldn’t always use video chat for interacting with customers is that most of the time customer issues are minute and can be resolved easily over live chat or email and wasting your support team’s time and resources for such issues is not worth it. Therefore, you should know when to use video chat because, in the right situations, it can come to your rescue.

Train Your Support Team Members

If you are planning to use video chat for customer support, you should train your support team members so that they can offer personalized and effective customer service. Your support team members should be equipped with the right expertise and technical capabilities that can help out the customers. Without training and educating your support team, using video chat for customer support is not worth it.

You should train your support team staff to work one-on-one with customers, deal with them in a professional way, and help resolve the issues that they are facing, similar to how they do it on the Tinychat app.

Maintain the Live Chat Etiquette

This is a part of training and educating your staff but it needs to be reminded again that the etiquette, behavior, and mannerisms of your support staff matter a lot when it comes to engaging with customers, especially when users start random video chat. If your staff members behave professionally and help out customers with the issues that they are facing, then it will not only improve the customer satisfaction level but also build trust and confidence with customers.

Contrary to this, if your support team members don’t behave professionally and show the best etiquette, it will not only frustrate the customers but will also drive many of them away. So make sure that you educate your support team about video chat etiquette such as listening more and talking less, showing value and gratitude, one-contact resolution, and asking for feedback.

Use Screen Sharing

Since most customers will be coming to your support team with technical issues, it is important that you teach your support staff about screen sharing or co-browsing so that they can solve the technical issues of your customers in an easy way. With the help of screen sharing, you can offer real-time solutions to the problems that your customers are facing. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also saves time in implementing the solutions for the problems that the customers are facing.

Invest in Quality Audio and Video Equipment

Lastly, don’t forget to invest in quality audio and video equipment to provide the best customer support through video chat. No matter how trained professionals and experts you have in your support team, if the audio and video quality is not up to the mark, it will make everything look unprofessional. Audio and video equipment used during video chat can help to improve your business’ impression and reputation.

Therefore, take care of both of these elements by using a high-quality headset with a built-in microphone for clear communication and a good webcam for video quality. Don’t forget about a high-speed connection too because it also matters to maintain the video quality throughout the chat.

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