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Hi from lahore / pakistan

Author rahim
#1 | Posted: 7 May 2007 23:51 
dear community members

i am new to this fourm i am working in Mobilink (largest Cellular company) of Pakistan as Service Center manager, i will look forward to acquire new ideas and best practices and will share my exprience regarding customer services.

regards to all

Author ajamaazar
#2 | Posted: 4 Jun 2007 12:53 
well come you rahim i am also from pakistan

Author noman
#3 | Posted: 20 Jun 2007 07:22 
dear members.

my name is noman and i am working for a tracking company as customer services officer, looking for new ideas and practices and sharing my own.

Author Distancecollegue
#4 | Posted: 21 Jun 2007 18:13 
Hello all,

Sorry i had to send in a contribution without an introduction as Abdurahim did.I am a prepaid supervisor with MTN nigeria.I just stumbled on the forum while reading various articles tonight and found your topics quite intresting and educative.I hope to learn a loy from you all.

Author dinsan
#5 | Posted: 8 Jul 2007 23:40 
welcome all you guys :) just as u want others to share their experience with you, we would love to yours words and experience ..

Author gabbie
#6 | Posted: 9 Jul 2007 01:22 
Hi People,

Iam Gabbie and Iam equally new on this fora. I work in a telecommunications company. I would love to have customer services experiences and words shared. See, today's post.


Author fsaha1
#7 | Posted: 3 Aug 2007 01:13 
hi everyone

i am farook from Mauritius a small island in the Indian Ocean. it's amazing when i come to know this site. i would like to share about CS as i do think that this is an art and every thing depends on our own character.
i am working as Customer service coordinator for the past five years and it really interesting to know those things that customers have to tell us.

Look forward to have a very healthy dicussion and sharing ideas on CSM forums and also gain much from expert people like you all.


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 Hi from lahore / pakistan

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