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Author rbalag
#1 | Posted: 21 Sep 2007 05:07 
I am bala from India, Heading customer care of Parryware ROCA,
Nice to take more information from all.


Author mwachirake
#2 | Posted: 25 Sep 2007 01:53 
Hi Bala,
Is cusomer service in your company on its own or is it under a certain department? Where i work, customer service is under marketing. Am not in customer service.Am in administration but handle a lot of clients thats why am interested in customer service issues.Am hoping one day i will work in customer service department.
Am interested in learning more about customer service.Am ready to learn anything because that is where my next step will be.Being the head of customer care, am sure you are able to advise me because of the experience you have.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Who's Who Customer Service Manager Forum / Who's Who /

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