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I am new here!

Author Temmie
#1 | Posted: 7 Oct 2008 07:03 
Hello All,

I am a Nigerian and i love working with people,i hope this forum will help me build my career in Customer Service.

Author mastermo55
#2 | Posted: 23 Nov 2008 19:07 
Hey, I am new too. I teach Business English. So it's my hope that I can learn some things here.

Author ayaree
#3 | Posted: 25 Nov 2008 18:20 
Hi, do either of you have anything you have been wanting to ask? Or do you want to start out by saying what you like or have not liked? If you are interested in this site, I think you should be helped to start a conversation. Thanks a lot.

Author hamri_31
#4 | Posted: 11 Dec 2008 14:14 
Hello all,

i m new in this forum and i hope that i can grow up in my career in Customer service

Author duymy
#5 | Posted: 14 Dec 2008 02:26 

I am newly registered in this good forum. Nice to meet you all.


#6 | Posted: 28 Dec 2008 19:54 
Dear all,

I'm new here, and nice to meet you all. I'm from China, I'm a training manager for Beijing Betterlifecar Group. I want to talk about "servant leadership". hope I can learn more from you all.

Best Rgds.

Author ayaree
#7 | Posted: 31 Dec 2008 15:04 
RITAQI, when you come back, you should look for a new topic that Karen started (your name is in the subject and "servant leadership" is addressed).

Author RAYAN
#8 | Posted: 2 Jan 2009 00:05 
Dear all,

Today i joined this wounderfull forum.Nice to meet all of you.I can learn a lot about customer services.

Best Regards.

Author Better Rentals
#9 | Posted: 3 Mar 2009 19:48 
Hi all....

I'm new to this Forum too, been in Australia for three years, came from the UK
hoping to get some good ideas from all the questions people are asking and finding new avenues through the replies.....Customer Service is my passion...35 years of it....

best regards and have a great day

Author sushmita_tank
#10 | Posted: 1 Apr 2009 00:16 
Hi All,
I am new to this forum have joined today. I am in India. I have been in different aspects of Customer Service Industry from past 4 Years

Author hungwe
#11 | Posted: 19 May 2009 06:30 
Hello everyone,

My name is Annajulia (AJ). I have just joined this wonderful forum.

I am a customer services manager with an Airports Authority in Zimbabwe - Africa. I have a passion for people and I really would want to continue improving service delivery at all my organisation's airports.

My first question: How do I motivate customer service personel to keep improving in service delivery.


Author tanni
#12 | Posted: 20 May 2009 00:14 
hi sushmita,

hope to learn from you..... I am Tanni, based in mumbai. dealing with clients and hope to improve my customer handling skill....

Author hengnet
#13 | Posted: 20 May 2009 03:05 
Me too,I am come from china.
This is a good forum for customer service,i hope to improve my customer service managerment sill.....

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 I am new here!

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