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Visual Recognition

Author Mondie
#1 | Posted: 11 Jun 2007 07:11 
Has anyone implemented a reward programme for encouraging team morale etc? I am looking for ideas for a visual recognition poster so that I can log which team member has how many reward points.

I would like something catchy, believable and reusable.

Any ideas? I'm struggling


Author patilint
#2 | Posted: 11 Jun 2007 08:26 
Is this for the team or the whole company to see?

I understand what you are doing...but be careful it doesn't work in reverse....rather than showing off the good, it can tend to accentuate the negative... and feelings can get hurt ....

I am not one for publishing for the whole company anything but the group results.....within the group it can be different and could be used as an incentive or reward....

Author patilint
#3 | Posted: 11 Jun 2007 08:31 
I didn't really answer your question.....

We used something when we implemented SAP (while we were going thru our 13 weeks of training) ...We did a large poster on the printers with everyones name on them in a column. Across the top we put the weeks of the training - and then put stickers - smiley faces, thumbs up, way to go - all kinds of bright colorful stickers to indicate who had completed the various steps of the training. It wasn't reusable but was cheap enough to do and attracted attention from the group- everyone in the group was curious about what sticker would be on the current weeks project....then we gave $10.00 reward cards to a store or gas station.....

Worked well and we all ended up with gift cards at the end of the training.....

Good luck

Author rexdi
#4 | Posted: 13 Jun 2007 01:10 
In my previous employment, we make creative write-ups on staff who received commendations letters or did a good job. The write-up is short and made on powerpoint presentation with picture on the staff and we splash it with graphics. Then we email it to everyone in the email network. It really boostered morale of the organization.

Author ayaree
#5 | Posted: 15 Jun 2007 21:27 
Pati, I have SAP implementation in my experience too. I was promoted (but thrown) into a supervisory position when it was still quite new at that company. One of those dark clouds that had a silver lining to me.

Author ayaree
#6 | Posted: 15 Jun 2007 21:57 
Mondie, I guess it all depends on what the outcome of the successful performance is. Does the high performer "get something"? As opposed to points for points' sake?

If it is a reward program that includes tangible merchandise, then I think you should have images of the item(s) that are achievable posted on a separate board (or piece of paper, depending on the oomph going into this).

Are there performance level phrases for the various "steps" toward the ultimate reward? I don't know, like Bronze, Silver and Gold? Or something different, so it doesn't sound like the Olympics per se, which need not be the place we point to for examples of fairness?

At our company we have a program whereby employees nominate peers on excellence of one kind or another every month, and this is reviewed by a "committee." Nominated employees automatically are granted points, and the selected nominee gets a high number of points. The nomination and selection are based on company values, which are reviewed and publicized frequently, so that everyone understands them. We make a big deal out this through company-wide meetings 3 or 4 times a year. That works for us because we are not that great in numbers and can hold events.

But to return to display options in your particular case, I guess it also depends on the freedom you think you have in your work culture. If you are feeling like you are at a loss, my thought would be to engage an HR person as well as somebody who is good with graphics and maybe another person you would identify as "company spirit" to make this look the way you want it to.

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 Visual Recognition

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