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Suggestion for Customer Service Training

Author anniejohn
#1 | Posted: 18 Jun 2007 09:49 
Dear All,

I'm designing a Customer Service Training for new joiners who are client facing staff. (We have an existing one that is quite dated in my opinion). I would like to create a new and dynamic one that will appeal to the 20-25 age group which is our new joiner profile. It will be a 1 day session and will include enough and more role-plays based on real-time customer service lapses. My challenge is what topics to include. I have started with the following :
- Customer service - what its all about etc.
- Customer Service standards - why we need them , the 10 standards etc.
- Link between CS & Profit /customer loyalty / retention
- Questioning and listening skills and how to use it to up Customer Service
- Rapport building with Customer

Do you think its suitable to teach:
- Matching, mirroring and leading in rapport building..?

Is it too early to talk about:
- Conflict resolution ( maybe in a small way for their level?)

What other "in" topics can I include..?

Any suggestions, websites etc. will be welcome.


Author rexdi
#2 | Posted: 18 Jun 2007 22:31 
Hi AnnieJohn,

Since you have new hires as audience, my suggestions are:
1) define what is a customer. then ask the participants how they understand "customer is king"?
2) the values that are important for the customers or the things that they are looking for in terms of service (example: courtesy, efficiency, accuracy)
3) the dimensions of service (product, service mindset, relationship handling, service delivery)
4) service protocols and standards (this would be for each transactions especially if you have set processing time. this one you have i believe already)
5) telephone courtesy including standard spiels

I think conflict resolution is normally set as an advance module.

I hope this helps. Goodluck!

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 Suggestion for Customer Service Training

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