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How to start a customer service Department

Author clarak
#1 | Posted: 16 Apr 2008 02:37 
I'm new to the community. I have recently been elected as a Customer Service Manager. This is a completely new Department. I work in the Banking Sector. I have been asked to outline my plan for the Department. Please may you give me input as to what I can include in that plan. All your input will be greatly appreciated.

Author Donna Prior
#2 | Posted: 16 Apr 2008 04:14 
You need to have a clear understanding of the companies mission / vision statement, to ensure that your plan falls in line with the companies goal.

I would suggest that you meet with all the department heads and get their vision on what they believe the company needs from a Customer Service Dept.

After this, it should assist you in your plan, as you would have buy-in from internal customers. Perhaps you should then target your external customers with a mail-out on how they rate the current service your company provides.

After this, your plan should be quite easy to implement. The plan needs to include:-

1. The responsibilities of the department
2. Devise your response times (ie. Service Level Agreements)
3. Devise a training programme

Hope this helps!


Author bobct
#3 | Posted: 11 May 2008 07:11 
The most important thing to remember is that your staffers will follow the lead of you and your fellow department heads. It doesn't matter maybe overstated) what you do during the training sessions, they will emulate you and the culture of your business. Be sure that the enviornment is condicive to your objectives and plans.


Author kevinovus
#4 | Posted: 15 May 2008 09:20 
I agree with the responses thus far. The most important thing is to get input from above in finding out the goals of the organization in their thinking of how they plan to move forward in providing quality products, their ideas of growing the business through marketing to the same customer base or reaching out to the evergrowing ethnic markets, and keeping the customers they have today. Set bench marks for speed of answer and number of calls hanging in cue. Provide the same service to each customer, no matter the amount of money they have in the bank, no matter whether they have all products, and no matter whether they speak English or not. As competitive as it is, especially in the banking business you must make sure each of your reps provides the same top notch service that you would expect if it were you on the other end of the phone.

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 How to start a customer service Department

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