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How to create clientr service department for my business

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#1   Posted: 20 Aug 2012 15:18


Currently I am running a web video production house. I have a good production team, and I am handling all clients. Now my business is expanding and I have hired two assistants for my client relation and project coordination, but Its becoming mess of communication due to lots of emails and phone / skype communication , there are many communication errors also, sometimes its going very frustrated, most of the clients never comeback due to weekness of communication.

My question is how should I proceed with a proper strategy for Client service department? Where should I start? Should I fire my assistants and hire new manager and build team? how?

Thank you for time

#2   Posted: 27 Aug 2012 05:26   Edited by: mcgntr

Hi Mahroz

No matter how small or large - every company needs some basic operating policies. Sounds like you have neglected to implement some basics for communications. May I suggest the following:
First, establish your norms for client communication: we will respond in xx hours; we will check timetables; we will coordinate project with...etc.
Second, figure out what you expect from your new jobs - write it down, be specific. You may or may not have the right people with the right skills.
Third, talk with you new hires about the problems they face -- are there additional issues that you need to address that may not be related to their skills.
Good luck Ann

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