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Help on Customer Service Manager job function

Author krishna_nse
#1 | Posted: 9 Oct 2007 09:09 
I will be assuming the role of a CSM soon and I've been asked to come up with a Powerpoint presentation about the job function. This pertains to a IT Service Delivery CSM role. Just a generic description will do. I dont have much clue on where to start but this is what I have in mind:

1. Key functions of a CSM
2. Why is the role needed
3. What are the challenges
4. Essential qualities of a CSM [Communication, Patience etc]

Can someone help me with an already prepared PPT slide? Could you please give your inputs on what additional topics can be covered besides the ones listed above? And could you also please tell me what points I can include under the aforementioned topic headlines.

Author Franknsr
#2 | Posted: 10 Oct 2007 18:55 
Sorry, don't have a powerpoint but ....
Sounds like they put you in a role without a road map (Job Description) and want you to show them what you will be doing....and if your needed. Nothing like justifying your own existence.
Drop your email here and I'll send you my JD to get you started.
Your employer either really needs your help or is clueless.
If it's the first you should figure out where the department needs to go, take stock of where the company and the department is, where you need to improve, what metrics you are going to use to monitor your climb to success, what training is needed and a time table to make it all happen. Vision, assess, plan, train, execute.

If it's the second you should run away as fast as possible.

Author krishna_nse
#3 | Posted: 10 Oct 2007 19:45 

Thanks Frank, krishnasmail at yahoo dot com is my email.

Author Franknsr
#4 | Posted: 13 Oct 2007 02:32 
...on its way.

Author ayaree
#5 | Posted: 22 Oct 2007 18:46 
Well, Frank, I have no idea where that interchange led, but I'm not leaping to the same conclusion that you were! In fact, NO evidence appeared in Krishna's post to indicate that there was cluelessness on the part of her company. For all we know, they could have been providing her with an opportunity to present herself as the most fit candidate to assume a leadership role in a climate of change--and not to have a job description spoonfed to her by them. Which, as it happens, is something you offered to supply her with, although you may not have known which exam she was about to write at the exam hall, so to speak. I definitely don't see a lot of spirit in favor of "companies" from you, which is pretty unfortunate, as there are people looking for good or starting or clueless companies through which to find their way.

If this proved to have a positive outcome for Krishna in one form or another, that would be great, but I see nothing of any constructive value here for people that want to put in the work to learn from experiences, both their own and others'.

Author pjnied
#6 | Posted: 24 Oct 2007 06:27 
Hello Krishna, I don't have a presentation either but would really appreciate the same kind of help you are seeking. I am in the same boat but following the same path that Frank has laid out and currently in the execution and evaluation phase. So far so good. I found it really important to determine the management makeup of your CS mgmt team and hire very carefully. A well rounded mgmt team with skill sets needed to support your product(s) and customers and in my case IT skills will make a huge difference.

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 Help on Customer Service Manager job function

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