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Author syc
#1 | Posted: 8 Jul 2009 03:31 

Im doing reserch into provate sector customer service
what makes a good manager?
how do staff remain motivated?
what makes it hard to deliver good customer serivice
what do you think are the key elememts to a excellent customer service process?

Can any one help wit these questions i have a gneral backroud but am now looking for key case study examples from companies/

Thank you


Author ddr_one
#2 | Posted: 28 Jul 2009 13:37 
I think I am being a good Manager when my employees feel they can come to me with any calibre of problem. From on-the-spot cash register problems, to a customer service problem spawning from an earlier issue. I try to be honest and keep my integrity with a customer I know is right, or wrong, yet still have them come back AND talk to me again.

Most people realize that even the most dictatorial of positions are filled by flawed human beings just like then, who have dealt with the dream and nightmare customers a dozen times that day. The biggest thing you have to deal with is creating a real connection between people who just want to be satisfied (or more), and a head office that wants to do the job with as little resources as possible. Everything else really comes with effort and honest intentions.

Your job as a Manager in the human resources department is to analyze the positives AND negatives in all of your employees and give them a chances to specialize in that. Naturally if a someone hates to do something, they won't excel in it and vice versa. But they also won't know unless they're given feedback by a person who sees them operate everyday, and paid both compliments and criticisms.

I believe customer service is purely from the heart. People who see themselves and can empathize with everyday situations. One thing a true professional realizes is that there are 2 basic reasons one comes shopping for necessities. One is that they must provide for the famished mouths at home ; Number two is that they need a change and possibly someone to talk to. Everyone (including myself) who is good with C/S realizes that every customer has something to offer them as long as they have something positive to offer the customer.

Excellent customer service comes down to a few key elements. People need a changes, and come to your place to make it a positive change. They want to feel appreciated for trading their money to you, which is established by paying punctual attention and not making them wait too long after starting to serve them. They need a quick, positive connection to know they are dealing with someone who is flawed just like them. And the number one is that they need to walk away with what they came in for or something similar.

Hope that helps.


Author Schottsi
#3 | Posted: 18 Aug 2009 07:16 
Heya Syc,

Little questions with big long answers.
I like to keep things simple (because that's how to ensure things get done!)

So here is a recommend of a book to read

"You Will Be Satisfied" By a guy named Bob Tasca
- entertaining, easy to read, and he gives you the answers to all your questions with his successful business to back up what he is saying.

Hope that helps some


Author olivia751
#4 | Posted: 27 Aug 2009 22:50 
Firstly i wish you good luck for your job. and now the answer of your first question "If you want to be a good manager then you must first know about the management. "The act or art of managing: the conducting or supervising of something.Identifying management potential doesn't have to be complicated. A good manager is someone who can plan, organize, instruct, and sprinkle their activities with a dose of leadership and some other management qualities to look for:

* Action-oriented;
* Approachable;
* Able to deal with ambiguity;

"There are two ways in which you can keep staff motivated. One is through the use of Dissatisfiers, and the other is through the use of Motivators."

And at last the answer of your question that "what do you think are the key elememts to a excellent customer service process?"

First find out what they require and get it for them quickly. then follow up and find out if they are satisfied with the service and or the product and if they had any trouble with its use. Leave them feeling cared about. and best of all mean it.

Hope it will help you in your job...



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