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Beyonce Video

#1 | Posted: 10 Jul 2011 07:25 
I am asking for a little help from Target. I have children who I cannot be with 24/7. This is regarding the Beyonce video I and my children were exposed to in your Snellville GA store. Has anyone within the Traget organization actually listened and watched the Beyounce Video "Girls Rule trhe world"? Forgive me if this is not the most accurate title. I would ask you to second guess those or at least monitor those making the decisions to expose the general public to CRAP.

At one point Beyonce flips off the viewers. In this case your customers. Of course it is blurred out. But just the same EVERYONE knows what it is. Really! TARGET management OKed this.

Then she goes on to what seems to be dropping the F bomb. Throughout most of the song. If is is not the Fbomb. It sure sounds like it and I'm am sure the intent was for it to.

TARGET management do you not have any values? Would you bring your child into the store to see and listen to this kind of trash?

I am by no means a prude. There is a time and a place for everything. Keep this crap in the clubs. Do NOT force the general public to endure the misguided decisons of someone within your organiztion to impart their misguided values to the general public.
What has Target become?

Author cdamouse
#2 | Posted: 10 Jul 2011 16:30 
I AGREE 100%. I have experienced so much by this society. How about that pill for ID. About BOB, swelling with pride. My husband was flipping through the channels and came unglued. There was a mini movie I think that was on like lifetime or something like that. It was around 10 or 11 am, and this man pushed this woman up against the wall, and they were going at it. There was nothing, and I mean nothing left to the imagination. There are children at home, where parents have that channel protection, so they won't see that kind of stuff, but they would because it was on a regular station, not HBO or Cinemax. My husband and I play cityville on facebook. When we were looking into the mass players to ask them to be neighbors, I seen a woman giving a guy a b@%$#%b as a picture. Hello kids play this game!!
So actually, it is not not just Target. It's everywhere.

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 Beyonce Video

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