Intelligent Customer Service Outsourcing Drives OVIVO Mobile

19th February 2013

Service level agreement (SLA) targets met or exceeded

Outsourced customer service provider mplcontact has proved instrumental in helping Mobile Virtual Network Operator OVIVO Mobile to launch its innovative mobile phone service with best practice customer service in place from day one.

Working with mplcontact meant that OVIVO could launch its service backed by high quality contact centre capabilities, while avoiding the upfront costs and resources typically needed to run a comprehensive customer contact operation.

Since contracting with OVIVO, mplcontact has continuously met, or exceeded, the MVNO’s demanding service level agreement (SLA) targets.

For OVIVO, the benefits of mplcontact’s outsourcing approach have included immediate access to best practice contact centre staff and technologies, a proven customer service delivery capability, and risk reduction as mplcontact’s costs are directly related to actual call volumes.

This provides start-ups with the control they need, while removing the concerns related to having a dedicated outsourced team with expensive fixed costs.

"As a start-up mobile operator with a compelling new service – offering free calls, texts and data each month paid for by non-intrusive mobile advertising – it was essential that we were able to deliver our service without compromising on customer service quality.” commented Dariush Zand, CEO and Founder of OVIVO Mobile.

“Building our own contact centre operation would have been extremely costly in terns of time, cost and resources and would have introduced considerable risk into the business as getting customer services right from a standing start is particularly difficult. Working with mplcontact meant we could get up and running really quickly.

“mplcontact’s performance has clearly validated our initial decision to outsource, and we’ve been particularly impressed by the quality of mplcontact’s agents, the experience of the company’s management, and the power of their underlying technology platform,” he continued.

“Having all the right people and technology in place means that mplcontact can help clients launch their operations within weeks rather than months,” added Paul White, mplcontact’s CEO.

“Working closely with OVIVO Mobile ,we were able to support their ambitious business plan - matching demand to their sales campaigns and providing additional resource when service levels peaked. By investing in both our staff and our infrastructure, we’re able to deliver against even the most demanding SLAs, confirming mplcontact as a valuable partner when it comes to enabling start-up operations to move quickly to their next growth stage.”


As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, OVIVO Mobile adds value to its network offering by providing a SIM only, Pay as You Go service with a big difference: free calls, texts and data each month, without the need to top-up each month, and with no contracts or commitments.

About mplcontact

mplcontact has a UK-wide network of contact centres, located in Edinburgh, Sutton Coldfield, Winchester, Nottingham, Portsmouth and Belfast, that provides clients and their customers with unrivalled resilience and consistent service delivery. All mplcontact centres use technology developed in-house on the company’s intelligentContact multimedia contact handling platform. This incorporates all the key technology elements of best practice contact centre solutions, including an ACD, CTI, IVR, a scripting package, customer database, messaging, workflow, scheduling, reporting and other business applications.