Half of Customers Will Boycott Horse Meat Stores

14th February 2013

Stores affected by the boycott include The Co-operative, Iceland, Aldi and Lidl

According to a recent survey by Retail Week magazine half of the consumers questioned said they will not buy meat in shops affected by the horse meat scandal.

Three-quarters of customers blame the suppliers and manufacturers of the meat products rather than retailers such as supermarkets.

Stores affected by the boycott include Aldi, Iceland, Lidl, Tesco and The Co-operative.

However, 50% of those who took part in the survey remain convinced
that meat sold in UK supermarkets is of good quality.

11% of consumers felt the ultimate responsibility for allowing horse meat to be sold instead of of beef lay with regulatory bodies such as the Food Standards Agency.

Horse meat found in UK supermarkets

Photo by yisris

Members of Parliament have warned that the scale of the horse meat scandal was "breathtaking" and may even pose a danger to public health.

Owen Paterson, Environment Secretary, said: "consumers had fallen victim to an international criminal conspiracy".

The scandal emerged in the UK after horse meat was discovered in meat products that were labelled beef, such as burgers, lasagne and other "ready-made" meals.