Customer Service Technology


Software and technology is becoming increasingly important in our drive to provide even higher standards of customer service. Here we bring you the latest tools, articles and resources.

CRM Application Guide
by Ian Miller
A Comprehensive guide to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Applications.

What Exactly Is CRM?
by Ian Miller
The first thing you find when looking into the world of Customer Relationship Management is the number of different definitions in use today.

We Know Our Technology, But Do We Know Our Customers?
by Ian Miller
Sounds like a strange question, but you would be surprised to learn how many companies implement new CRM technology without first considering the question “Do we know our customers? All of them?”

CRM = Customers (don't) Really Matter
by Meredith Gossland
CRM was supposed to bring companies closer to their clients. The basic idea was to find out what a client wants and needs, give it to them, and get them to be your client for life..

UC Enabled Virtualized Contact Centers to the Rescue
by Al Baker, Vice President UC CRM Solutions, Siemens Enterprise Communications,
Learn about new customer relationship management (CRM) strategies and focus on retaining and increasing the sales activities of your current customers.